Fellowships and Awards

I’m grateful to the following organizations and institutions for supporting my research, teaching, and conference travel: Macalester Wallace Scholarly Activities Program (x4), Macalester Fund for the Advancement of Collaborative Teaching (FACT, x2), Macalester, Itzkowitz Solon Warde Grant for Course Development, the Renaissance Society of America/Paul Oskar Kristeller Fellowship, The Huntington Library/Francis Bacon Foundation Fellowship (x2), UMN-CSPW Consortium for the Study of the Pre-modern World/Center for Premodern Studies (x4), USC Early Modern Studies Institute-The Huntington Library (x3), A. W. Mellon Academy for Advanced Study in the Renaissance, North American Conference on British Studies, USC Graduate School, USC English Department, USC Center for Law, History, and Culture, USC Center for Religion and Civic Culture, University of Toronto Centre for Renaissance and Reformation Studies, Shakespeare Association of America (x2), and ACMRS RaceB4Race (a travel grant and participation in The Second Book Institute 2023).

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