IMG_2312Hello! Bonjour, 你好, salve! My name is Penelope Geng. I use the pronouns she/her/hers. I am an associate professor of English at Macalester College in St. Paul, Minnesota (2021-present; assistant professor 2015-2021). Additionally, I am a co-founder and co-convener of Uncommon Bodies (2019-present). At Mac, I teach classes on Shakespeare, drama, law and literature, demonology, and disability. Please contact me if you have questions about my research or teaching, Renaissance or Shakespeare studies.

Email: pgeng[AT]macalester.edu

Mailing Address: English Dept. – Old Main 210 / Macalester College / 1600 Grand Ave. / St. Paul, MN 55105, USA. [Note: I am going to the office every week between Sept. 2021 and May 2022. Feel free to send mail to that address.]

Twitter: @penelope_hg

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